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11 Standard Accountancy Charbook-A revoulutionary way to study accountancy in 2018

So the 10th Board Examinations are finally over and now it is the time to throw parties and have fun!But wait, there's another catch to the story.In no time 11th standard will start and it will bring back all the pressure and stress of studies especially for commerce students accompanied with the stress that comes in the first year of college studying book keeping and accountancy.
Book keeping and Acoountancy chartbook for standard 11
A new method of learning accountancy via this accounting chartbook.
In the midst of all the chaos, students who have chosen commerce find it very difficult to cope up with the new subjects, especially Book Keeping and Accountancy.
But there is no need to worry, as Letstute have recently launched a brand new accountancy chartbook which will guide the students to ace the Book keeping and Accountancy subject and clear out all their tests.


This accounting chartbook is one of its kind as it will completely change the traditional(not so that effective) method of studying Book Keeping and Accountancy for students of standard 11.This accountancy chartbook  book will act act as a quick reference guide to go through chapters and it will also help students to study book keeping and accounts in a very systematic, easy and simple way which will enable them to rock their accounting exams and tests!

Students studying accountancy on the very last minute

Most of the students usually have the tendency to study book keeping and accountancy on the very last day of examination.This accountancy chartbook will help them in last minute revision as the entire chapter is summarized in multiple charts.

For example, this account chartbook covers all the important aspects and formulas in just 2 pages.Thus the students will not have to make seperate notes and they will not have to flip through all the pages of textbook thus making last minute account revision very easy  for students.


Topics covered in accounts chartbook
These are the 12 main topics that are included in this accounts chartbook
This account chartbook covers almost all the important topics related to book-keeping and accountancy for standard 11.The main topics are:-
  1. Introduction to book-keeping and accountancy:-This chapter will explain all the basics of accounting which will help students in building a strong base for the subject.
  2. Fundamentels of double entry book keeping:-This chapter will explain all the fundamentals and guidelines of double entry book keeping.
  3. Source Documents required for Accounting:-This chapter explains basic formats of source documents and related business transactions that appear in the financial records.
  4. Journal:-It explains all the rules and guidelines to make journal entries in books of accounts.
  5. Subsidiary Books:-This chapter explains all the fundamentals and the entire working of subsidiary books.
  6. Ledger-This chapter explains how to post from journal to ledger & how to balance each ledger account .
  7. Bank Reconciliation Statement:-The accounting chapter explains how to reconcile bank statement with cash book and the technique to do the same.
  8. Trial Balance:-This accounting  chapter will give the basic understanding about posting in a balance sheet.
  9. Errors and their rectification:- This chapter will guide in understanding and identifying errors and steps in rectifying them in books of accounts.
  10.  Depreciation, Provision and reserves:-This chapter will explain concepts of  depreciation, provisions & reserves and different methods of calculating them.
  11. Financial Statement of a Proprietory Concern:-This chapter will explain basics of financial statements, it's basic format and how to give effects to different adjustments.
  12. Computers in Accounting:-It will explain the fundamentals of computer accounting.


  1. This account chartbook includes all the key points which will guide students to understand their topics well.
  2. The concepts are distinguished so that students can get a clear understanding of the various accounting concepts.
  3. All recording formats have been included.
  4. Important tips and tricks have been provided in the chartbook to get good marks in accountancy tests and exams.
  5. QR codes have been given for detailed explaination.When this QR codes are scanned, they will take students to Letstute Youtube Channel which will give them access to 100+free accountancy videos which will help them to learn via  audio and visual mode of learning.


  1. It will definitely give you a better understanding of book keeping and  accounting subject which will give you a strong command over the subject in future.
  2. Account subject will no longer scare you.
  3. You will rock all your accounting exams and tests with very good marks.


Classification of accounts
Accounting Terminologies
Difference between Book-Keeping and Accountancy


The price of this accountancy chartbook is very nominal and economical.The price of PDF version is only RS 30 and price of Paperback version is RS 80.If you want to ace the subject you can head on to this link-BUY ACCOUNTS CHARTBOOK .


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